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The Michael Oakland Genre

Sexy Bossa
~ Tropic Samba meets Cosmic Swirls – World Beat & Bossa~Blues … to shape a moment with you.
Show up … Be Open … to the Ever-Changing Muse that is!

“Not only does this guy play melody, chords, and bass lines all at the same time on his nylon-stringed guitar (the ‘Spirit Box’ as it’s called), but, he also uses both hands for percussion while he plays a foot-tapping bass drum. His vocal range encompasses a raspy baritone, all the way to an angelic-like chilling falsetto” 

– The Really Free Press

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Along with Concerts, Festivals and Clubs, over the course of the year Michael plays quite a number of Private events – Parties, Dinner, Dances, Fundraisers, Art Show Openings, Yoga Classes, Weddings, Funerals, Memorials, Birthings, Proposals, or any other number of reasons to “Celebrate Life”! He is notorious for performing unique renditions of every tune that he touches.
From a Classical Wedding Ceremony to the Cocktail Jazz Set, and on through to the Dance Party, any part of, or the whole of is available to you. Michael’s band “Tropic Gypsy” can range from a Duo all the way to an Octet complete with a Caribbean World Dance Troupe!

Michael works with some of the best and most renowned choreographers & dancers available. Want to add a little Zest to your occasion? Add some Fire-Dancers!


Michael Oakland and his band has repeatedly been an entertainment feature for the likes of…. Volvo, Pfizer, Pepsi-Cola, Smith-Barney, BMI, AMA, The International Society of Astrological Research AT&T, Yves Saint Laurent, Gap, Nike, Prudential, The Senatorial Fundraising Committee, Exxon, Wachovia, Salvador Dali Art Show… and many many others. He has also been a “House Band”, or “First Call” entertainer for many of the best and most prominent hotels on the eastern seaboard of The United States, from Boston to Key West… as well as working consistently with some the most notable and qualified entertainment agencies.