White Water

White Water is Spiritual Groove Music. Deep adult lyric content, in an R&B, Jazzy, and Easy Listening space.

Witness Tree

Witness Tree is an Oakland Sampler of Styles. Though most of it flows Tropical Jazzy, there is a tip of the hat to R&B and a distinct World Infusion. Vocal & Instrumental. All original compositions. Produced on the Outermost Label.


Naked is a long requested recording fulfilled! Eleven solo guitar performances starkly manifesting Michaels brilliant technique on the instrument. Dancing through stylings of New-Age, Classical, Flamenco, and Bossa Nova. All original compositions.

New Moon Day

New Moon Day – The ancient celestial harp teams with the acoustic guitar for the foundation of this cinematic experience. New Age meets Multi-ethnic/Classical-pastoral adventure.

The Call

The Call comes highly acclaimed amongst yogis, meditators, and massage therapists. A distinctly Ambient/New-Age project that features Michael’s flute work predominantly. All instrumental, original compositions. Wooden, reed flutes and pipes echo over waters and through glades. Relaxing, inspiring and meditative. A fusion of Native American, Celtic & Asian influences. A portion of the proceeds from this CD go to benefit environmental protection and code enforcement.

Island Time

Island Time is an inspired instrumental coverage of some of the greatest tunes from the ’70s into the new millennium. Included are a couple of Brazils finest jazz standards as well as a few originals borrowed from Michael’s Naked and Witness Tree CDs. Island Time is not so much a style of music as a state of mind. Produced for the Northstar […]

Reality Matinee

Reality Matinee is Michael’s most vocal recording to date. Predominantly Tropical/Jazzy grooves of danceable and yes… happy tunes. Think Lucy and Ricky Ricardo on vacation with a twist. All original compositions with the big band.

A Spirit Box Christmas

A Spirit Box Christmas is a most enjoyable blend of a High Renaissance Christmas and a Tropical Jazz Holiday. A spirited celebration of the Christmas-Solstice season. Instrumental and vocal. A long time favorite full of holiday standards.