Tropic Gypsy Astrology Michael Oakland

“Something Going on in The Neighborhood,…

Who ya gonna call…?”
Complete Astrological Analysis….
35 years experience….
Affordable,…and Confidential

Astrological Research Options

– Natal Birthchart Interpretation Report

An in-depth analysis of the Natal chart and the general overview of the natives potentials and challenges and leanings.

– Transit Report

Overview of the general tendencies and flavor of the experiences one might expect in the year ahead. 

– Progressions Report

A more in-depth over-arching view of what the native may experience across a longer span of time.

– Composite / Synastry Report

An in depth analysis of the potentials in any given relationship, and what interpersonal dynamics one might expect.

– Astro-Locational Report

The Natives Birthchart superimposed over the world map, activates various experiences in different locations. 

E-mailed reports are available for a one time charge of $25.00 each. An hours in-depth analysis of any of these charts or reports, via telephone, Face Time, or Zoom, with Michael, is available to be scheduled for $95.00.

E-mail with any questions or queries. 

MAYBE,…It’s time for a “shift” in perspective?

Astro-Psychology can reveal things in your life almost instantly, that in some cases, may take many months or even years of deep psychotherapy to get to or understand. Understanding the way you work on the “inside” is the key to manifesting the change you want on the “outside”! As within,…so without!
Astro-psychology can help to objectify “You” from your “Experience”. Understanding your operative creative dynamic from a whole new point of view is sometimes, all you need to know.

Thank you for devoting your time to our Associates last week. Your were the “shining star” of our wellness fair! The feedback from all who attended was kind and full of gratitude! We look forward to working with you again in the future!

I enjoyed my astrology session with Michael. This was my second session with him so I was able to get more information than last time and this session was just as great as the last. He is the best!!

I absolutely loved the astrology reading with Michael. He was warm and funny and I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed it and the reading was very accurate and enlightening. I will definitely reach out to him again for astrological advice in the future.

I loved the Astrology Consultation with Michael the most. I would 100% sign up for this again if it is available in the future. Michael is amazing!!