Coffee Hour

“Coffee Hour” is a collection of whimsical, introspective, inspirational, and honest, journal entries collected over a few decades of Quality Living. This Life has been a challenging, but all in all, charmed ride of an experience. Recommended as a good opener or closer, of the day.

Back Cover…

If there were an “Alternative Inspirational” section in your bookstore, this would be in it! With a “Thought for a Day” approach that, at times, leans toward an “Essay for a Day.” Self-help…with a twist! Consider it a “Thought for every other day,” (with a vacation thrown in). For these, are different kinds of days.

Ultimate reverence to the Divine splashes with comic irreverence, for the sake of a conversation with the self that has depth, breadth, honesty and no limits. Walt Whitman coffees with Leonard Cohen for some God-talk maybe/sort of.

The Prosetry of Michael Oakland is a crash course in the True Artist’s Anguish Management Program (TAAM). As a friend put it, “…the new updated and abbreviated ‘Be Here Now’ for the new decade!”

“For hard wisdom, won through life’s tough lessons. For brilliant little mental quips in poetry… and consciousness enough to praise your every moments wonder.”